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Take the quiz to determine what your tendency is.

eres positivo o negativo

Select the answer that best describes your point of view or behavior in each situation. At the end, you can assign points to each answer and calculate a result to determine whether you are more optimistic or pessimistic.

Question 1:

When you face a significant challenge in your life, do you believe you have the ability to overcome it? a) Yes, I always have confidence in my abilities. b) Sometimes, it depends on the situation. c) No, I tend to think I will fail.

Question 2: In the face of adversity, do you usually see the glass as half full or half empty? a) Half full, I consistently focus on the positive aspects. b) It depends on the situation. c) Half empty, I often focus on the negative aspects.

Question 3: How do you feel when you make a mistake? a) I view it as an opportunity for learning. b) I feel remorseful but attempt to learn from it. c) I feel defeated and burdened with guilt.

Question 4: How do you approach changes in your life? a) I embrace them and recognize the opportunities they bring. b) I accept them with some reluctance but adapt as needed. c) I avoid them or become overwhelmed by them.

Question 5: When someone criticizes you or makes a negative comment, how do you usually react? a) I accept criticism constructively and utilize it for self-improvement. b) It affects me somewhat, but I try not to dwell on it. c) I feel hurt and disheartened.

Question 6: What are your general feelings about the future? a) I approach it with enthusiasm and optimism. b) I am realistic but maintain hope. c) I worry about it and often feel pessimistic.

Question 7: In a situation of uncertainty, how do you typically feel? a) Calm, knowing that things will eventually become clear. b) I experience some insecurity but remain composed. c) I become nervous and tend to anticipate the worst.

Question 8: When someone presents a new project or idea to you, are you usually enthusiastic or skeptical? a) I am enthusiastic and supportive of new ideas. b) I am cautious but open to considering them. c) I am skeptical and tend to doubt their viability.

Question 9: How do you confront obstacles on your path to a goal? a) I view them as temporary challenges that I can overcome. b) I confront them with determination, even though I may sometimes feel disheartened. c) I tend to give up easily when faced with difficulties.

Question 10: Do you feel that you have control over your own life and destiny? a) Yes, I believe I have control and make conscious decisions. b) To some extent, but I also acknowledge the influence of chance. c) No, I often feel that my life is beyond my control.

Once you have completed the questions, calculate your score: A= 3 pts B= 2 pts C= 1 pt your score should fall into the following ranges:

10 to 17 points: You exhibit pessimistic tendencies. You tend to find it easier to perceive the negative aspects of situations, anticipate potential issues and failures, become overwhelmed by uncertainty, have low self-esteem, and are susceptible to demotivation.

Pessimists typically concentrate on what could go wrong rather than what could go right, and this mindset can impact your emotional well-being and the ability to effectively confront challenges.

18 to 30 points: You demonstrate a balance between negative and positive thoughts, and you tend to approach life realistically. Such individuals can identify both challenges and opportunities in various situations. They confront obstacles with determination and maintain a moderate level of optimism while remaining cognizant of potential risks or difficulties that may arise. This balanced mindset enables them to adapt to circumstances and make decisions more objectively, which can benefit their emotional well-being and success in life.


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